They’ll have another

Pop-punkers Late Ones have returned with new album … Like the Day After a Heavy Rain, out this week from Little Heart Records, and the band is playing at Cahoots on Saturday night. LEO toasted the occasion with bassist Duncan Cherry.

LEO: What is the connection between your favorite beverage and your music?

Duncan Cherry: Our name originally comes from Brendan (Johnson), our guitarist’s, hands. He has the words “Late Ones” tattooed on his palms! We all love the stuff, it’s literally the best soda in the entire world. It’s probably why Joey (Hodson) can play drums so fast.

LEO: What do you think Little Heart Records can do for you? Why not do it yourselves?

DC: Little Heart is one of the best independent labels out there because they love the music they put out. They support us with any crazy ideas we come up with and are always keeping us in the loop with new stuff happening with the label and cool stuff they’re doing. They have really pulled us into their family, and we’ve met a lot of really cool people and bands through them. We put out our demo by ourselves, and we’ve all been in bands who have taken a DIY approach to doing things, but Little Heart helped us with their connections to bring our ideas to the surface. We still design almost all of our shirts, I co-engineered and recorded both our 7” and full-length at Treehouse Audio here in town, and we all help in booking shows, promoting and putting together designs and songs. We still do a lot by ourselves when we can.

LEO: Top three Louisville bands we should be listening to?

DC: We all really back our friends in Fast Friends, Xerxes and Vaderbomb. If you haven’t heard them, check them out. I’m assuming you mean current bands … 

LEO: How many different bands have the members been in so far?

DC: Oh, wow — I think combined it would be somewhere in the realm of 41 bands. We like to play.

LEO: Do you know what you’re doing this summer?

DC: The same thing we do every summer, most likely: playing lots of shows, hanging out with our friends, and making fun of each other.

Learn more at facebook.com/LateOnes.