Appetite for Dysfunction


Now a couple albums back into independence, Villebillies’ latest is a self-assured record that may not garner many new fans, but will certainly satisfy longtime listeners. All the trademarks are there — the Southern rock-flavored tracks mixed with breakbeats and synths, with the guys trading sing-song hooks. “Talk to Me” is tailor-made for radio, if radio programmed itself. There are innumerable references in the lyrics to the band’s roller-coaster industry ride and the personal struggles that have accompanied them over the last decade. “Worth the Fight” and “Rear View” do a decent job of describing their struggles and continued efforts in an unrelenting business. Skip the last track, a five-years-too-late auto-tune parody, but if you’ve ever nodded your head to a Villebillies track in the past, Dysfunction has plenty to sate your hunger.