The Morning After

J Cannon

Lexington MC J Cannon is the latest addition to the Feel Free camp, which has brought us Jalin Roze and Tarik Adams. Josh La Rock lays the foundation for the tracks, his quality consistent and undeniable. The loose concept of the disc is reflected in its name, which can wear over the course of the album: Focusing on the idea of “love ’em and leave ’em” just doesn’t hold up over repeated listens. Jalin steps up and melts his microphone on “JFK” and keeps the subject matter fresh. Cannon is a more than able MC, and could go far, especially with production of this caliber. Tracks like “See the Sun” and “Do My Thang” would fit alongside — and outshine — what’s on radio right now. Here’s hoping Cannon’s gaze rises above his waistline for his next effort.