Locked Down

Dr. John

The lineup alone makes a solid case for future top-10 lists. Dr. John, refreshed and debuting on a new label, paired with The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, with assistance from the Truth & Soul camp on the horns; that they have the songs to back it up closes the argument in record time. This is an album that makes pointing out highlights exhausting, but let’s choose a couple. “Ice Age” cooks with a simple but impossibly catchy riff that tilts hard to an Afrobeat groove perfectly suited for Mac’s growl. “Getaway” switches gears for a flawless Auerbach guitar solo, late night driving music for bad decisions. The album closes with “God’s Sure Good,” allowing yourself to repent those earlier choices with perfectly percussive background vocals and a rolling organ that’ll have you fanning yourself wherever you happen to be.