Our Home Is a Deathbed


With a multidimensional approach to hardcore — from thrashing caustic punk to more emotional, swelling melodic moments — Xerxes craft a focused vision that gives Our Home a dense and unique vibe. None of the songs is over 3 minutes, but they cover plenty of ground. The bulk of their style can be summed up in the vicious bursts found on “Sleep,” “February” and “Our City Is a Floodplain,” though these are balanced with slow-building tracks that give the album room to breathe. “Funeral Home,” “Summer Storms/Winter Leaves” and “Tide” show a different and experimental side of Xerxes. It’s hard not to get lost in the feral “Tide,” which throws in quirky melodies to balance the snarls. Thanks to the album’s succinct 22-minute length, you’re hard-pressed not to hit repeat after the last track fades out.