Grown Man Business


Local MC Fonz has come a long way to make this record. After surviving a random shooting last Mother’s Day, he had to teach himself how to walk again. The drive to keep creating music kept him moving forward. Like many MCs from the region, Fonz travels regularly to Atlanta to market his talents beyond the Gene Snyder’s borders, building relationships with crews like T.I.’s Grand Hustle camp. Grown Man Business is his latest offering, one of the more varied releases to come out of Louisville in recent memory. It’s easy (and lazy) to look at the mugging cover and the straightforward song titles (“Hot,” “Horny,” “She’s a Cheater,” “Hit the Floor”) and make snap judgments — your loss if you do. Fonz has a great voice for rap, and if his subjects aren’t the most compelling, his charisma alone carries him pretty far.