Adventure’s gonna tump!

The singing-guitarist Medley brothers of Adventure, Phil and Josef, didn’t mind telling LEO about their new record, which will be celebrated with a release show at Zanzabar Friday at 9 p.m.

LEO: Tell me about this new record coming out. What should America expect to hear?

Josef Medley: A guy who eats his own vomit, December-May romance on a horse farm in Italy, an unwelcoming corner bar, a persevering inspector, and impending divorcees — with guitars!

Phil Medley: And Canadians should probably expect the same.

LEO: How do you guys write? What inspires you?

JM: We take lyrics and subject matter pretty seriously. We’re constantly looking for situations, characters, bits of history that have a certain amount of resonance. Then you get out the tool kit and try to construct something! “Somebody throw me an A-minor! This B-flat doesn’t fit in the sub-chorus! The whole thing’s gonna tump!”

LEO: You’re known as a kick-ass live band. Why don’t more bands try harder?

JM: We’re too old to go out and see too many other bands — they tend to play awfully late. Maybe they should go to bed earlier.

PM: I always chalked it up to pre-show beverages. Is everyone else drinking White Castle coffee? You’d be surprised what that’ll do to a performance.

LEO: The band has 273 Facebook fans. What do you plan to do to become more popular than “Angry Birds”?

PM: “Angry Birds”? Haven’t heard them play. Where are they from? We could maybe do a show swap with them. Nonetheless, I guess we’ll stick with the 5 Rs and 1 P.

JM: Read, rite, record, rock, repeat. Wait a minute — that’s why we only have 273 fans! We always forget the P: Promote.

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