Seeing sounds

Drummer Ben Sears’ first solo art show opens on March 3 at Ultra Pop! LEO asked him about his dual identities.

LEO: How did you learn to make art?

Ben Sears: I was always drawing and building things as a kid. My parents are both really creative and awesome people, so they noticed what I was up to and have supported me ever since. 

LEO: Do you prefer museum art or street art?

BS: Is there much difference between museum and street art in the art world these days? If you are asking about old and new art, then I have an appreciation for both. I get just as much inspiration from Gustave Courbet as I do from David Choe. If something looks good or has a cool idea behind it, I’m into it.

LEO: What’s the connection, for you, between art and music?

BS: If I’m not making something, then I feel like I’m wasting my time, so playing music is a great way to make something when I can’t draw.

LEO: Do you hope to work more in art or music through the years?

BS: Art and music have always gone hand in hand with me. I don’t see any reason to not continue doing both as much and as long as I possibly can.

LEO: What band(s) are you playing with now?

BS: I play drums in Black God, and recently started another band called WHIPS/CHAINS. Both will have records out soon.

LEO: Who are some musicians, artists or other Louisvillians who inspire you?

BS: Honest, genuine, hardworking people always inspire me. My girlfriend and my ferret are the ones who look at my work the most and give me the best feedback. My friend Jake Snider is making waves in the creative writing community here, so big ups to him for making it work. I also need to give inspirational credit to Fork in Socket, because their music is fantastic and they are great people. There’s lots of people I probably forgot to mention, so sorry.

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