Die Miserable

Fuck the Facts

Fuck the Facts are a grind band from Canada that unleash an extreme trip through raw, aching musical nihilism. On their latest release, Die Miserable, they mix in a lot of death metal and punk-heavy metallic hardcore to their already excellent sound. Once again, the throat-stripping vocals of Mel Mongeon cover loud, raw screams; burly death-metal vocals are spit out with urgent, punk energy. The diverse guitarwork of Topon Das and Johnny Ibay propels the album into progressive territory, deftly mixing a plethora of styles together. It’s all topped off by a gritty and bass-heavy production. Their calculated genre-changing adds to the overall intensity and flow of each song, making it a much more frenetic and memorable album. Take “Cold Hearted” for example, which slays with a mix of old school Morbid Angel grooves fighting for space amid screamed grind verses topped off with a mathcore flair. Or “Lifeless,” where they seem to channel Converge musically and vocally, but with some additional metal rhythms and growls. With a knack for dynamic songwriting, Fuck the Facts delivers another great full-length.