Nappy Dot Org

Nappy Roots

Almost 10 years after their national debut brought comparisons to the Dungeon Family collective (which includes OutKast), Nappy Roots have linked up with OutKast’s original producers, Organized Noize, for a much-anticipated collaboration. Nappy Dot Org isn’t the cookie-cutter album it could have been, a simple blend of the camps’ styles, though it isn’t the tour de force fans of both crews were looking forward to. “Pete Rose” is the centerpiece of the album, a somewhat rare political turn for the group, featuring Goodie Mob’s Khujo. “Give Me a Sign” is the requisite Nappy Roots-sounding song, the guitar-led midtempo that could fit on any of their records. The album is solid, with no real skippers, and only the two skate songs (“Easy Money” and “Y’all Party”) are a little questionable, presumably intended for the European market. I am confused as to why the album is called Nappy Dot Org when they don’t own that domain, but who am I to question their marketing plan? A satisfying excursion, though one wonders what this pairing would have made in 2003.