Live At the Atlantic


I remember the first time I saw Coliseum a few years ago, crowded into the tiny and (back then) packed Keswick Democratic Club. They immediately impressed me with their punk and hardcore-meets-metal blend of heavy crushing music. Now a few years and albums later, they’ve got a live album that also includes a set from tour mates Burning Love. Coliseum sound just as spot-on here as any time I’ve seen them live. They perform really loud and gritty, but fortunately this was recorded with a lot of clarity, too. The guitars sound crisp, drums are loud, vocals are at just the right level, and the bass is highly audible as well. They just put out a new album last year, so it’s no surprise that all but two songs are from House with a Curse. The album ends with “Year of the Pig” and “Defeater,” two of my all-time favorite Coliseum songs. So often live albums fall short to actually seeing a band live, but this live album comes pretty darn close.