Bar Belle: Bahama mama

Sometimes this job doesn’t suck. OK, well, most of the time. But a few weeks ago I was actually having a bad day — a swirling mix of loan refinancing, trying to put a book out, dumb people and PMS — when my editor approached me cautiously in the kitchen. “Do you want to go to the Bahamas for a day?” she asked. “Yeah, who doesn’t? Who fucking stole my Diet Coke?” I replied. When I realized she was serious, and that someone from LEO had been invited on a press tour for Vision Airlines, it was days before I regained composure.

Two weeks later, I was boarding a plane headed for a day-and-a-half adventure in the Bahamas. A mere two hours later, my feet were in the sand as the Atlantic tide steamrolled for the shore. The ocean was the temperature of bathwater and as clear and blue as the water you see in National Geographic. Who knew the Bahamas was only a two-hour plane ride away?

Here’s the deal: Starting in November, Vision Airlines is offering nonstop service between Louisville and Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, for a cheap rate — actually $29 to start. I’m sure there will be taxes and baggage fees tacked on — but hey, that’s still a good deal for a long weekend. My trip was also sponsored by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and the Grand Lucayan Resort, which is were I stayed. I never did get the price of what it would cost to stay there — I’m kinda afraid to look — but the place was amazing, especially the swim-up bar that was in one of the numerous pools. I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with Bahamian beers Kalik and Sands — in between munching conch, snoozing on the beach and swimming with dolphins. Oh, and then there was rum. Lots of rum. On top of drinks, baked in cakes, and even served for breakfast. When in Rome …