Inbox — Aug. 24, 2011

Letters to the editor

No Nudies

I read the article about the sorry state of affairs when it comes to adult entertainment in our fair city (LEO Weekly, July 20). It is a sad and sorry story.

I worked for the Kentucky State Fair Board in the past. I worked at both the Fair and Expo Center and the Kentucky International Convention Center downtown. As such, I met many conventioneers. Many had never been to Louisville before and wanted to know where “the action is.” Some were out of their own hometowns for the first time and never had seen a “nudie bar.” They asked. I told.

Back then, there were a number of clubs that sold liquor and the illusion of sex. Personally, I have never met a patron of any club getting it on with a dancer.

Now they never will ever see one or spend money in Louisville.

Rich Givan, Crescent Hill

Gatewood’s Hot Air

“I’ve got an honorable discharge from the U.S. Marines, and I was highly offended by it.” That was Gatewood Galbraith’s immediate reaction to Gov. Beshear’s hackneyed paean to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan at the Fancy Farm Picnic earlier this month (LEO Weekly, Aug. 10).

It was a pretty strange reaction if you ask me (Navy, four years). Most veterans I know tune out just about everything politicians say. They don’t believe any of it. Don’t need it.

There is something about military duty. It leaves you with a low tolerance for crappola, which means you also tend to have the lowest of low regards for politicians and their spin. Campaign hot air doesn’t count for anything. It’s not real world. It’s not worth getting worked up over. So, no offense is taken because no notice is taken.

This makes me wonder why Galbraith cares. Maybe it’s because he was speaking as a politician.

Tom Louderback, Highlands

Be An Ally

I would like to applaud the efforts of Diana Ross, mother to Amanda Ross. While dealing with the unimaginable murder of her daughter by Steve Nunn, Ms. Ross was not content with Amanda’s Law. She knew that this bill named after her daughter would not have ultimately prevented Nunn’s attempt on Amanda’s life. Instead, she has come out for support of House Bill 35, which would extend protection orders to women like her daughter, specifically women who are in a relationship but do not live with or have children with their perpetrator.

MensWork strives to teach men that we can be something other than bystanders in the struggle against domestic violence. In “Promoting Gender Respect,” our signature program, we encourage young people to act as allies who stand up and support women by challenging men to show respect, expressing themselves appropriately, and understanding that healthy relationships are partnerships. HB 35 would help show the young people of this commonwealth that violence in relationships, whatever the circumstances of that relationship, is unacceptable.

MensWork calls on all men of our commonwealth to follow their lead and be an ally in the struggle to end intimate partner violence. We ask that you contact your state-elected officials and ask that they commit to having a full hearing on HB 35. Ask your gubernatorial candidates where they stand on HB 35 and remember: Their answer may impact your loved one, your peer or your neighbor.

We should all learn from Ms. Ross’ example before it is our loved one who is getting a name on a bill. Please, men of Kentucky, stop being bystanders in this struggle and be counted as an ally to women.

Mark Miller, president, MensWork Inc.