Like Woody Allen, Garrison Keillor is a prolific, older wordsmith who thrives on collaborating (artistically) with younger, more vibrant women. Andra Suchy fills that role Sunday evening for a live, not-for-radio performance of “A Prairie Home Companion” at the Kentucky Center.

LEO: What inspires your songs?
Andra Suchy: Mostly my experiences and emotions, but sometimes I am inspired simply by the act of writing. Sometimes it’s a particular melody or the instrument I write with that inspires what comes next. Occasionally, I set out to write specifically on a particular subject, but I think the best stuff comes more on its own.

LEO: What is your favorite song to perform? What is your worst song?
AS: Usually the newest. I can’t categorize my songs as the “best” or “worst,” because how I feel about them depends on so many things: how they are in the writing process, if they are still morphing, how many times we have successfully performed them, and if we know how to record them. Right now, the worst songs are the ones I haven’t started writing yet but know are in there somewhere.

LEO: Is there a better singer out there than Garrison Keillor?
AS: I don’t think singers (much like songs) can fall into the “good,” “better,” “best” type of categories. It’s unclassifiable. There are so many singers I love for different reasons, and Garrison is one of them. He is my favorite duet partner by far.

The full interview can be found at bluecat.leoweekly.com.

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