Restless Natives
Natives are a psychedelic-influenced, garage-rocking quintet who are releasing their debut EP, Loose Secrets, on vinyl and download. Fans will be able to buy it at a special concert on Saturday, in local record stores and online.

LEO: How did the band get together?
McKinley Moore: We have all been friends for a long time, and music has always been a common bond. Some of us were in previous bands together, and most of us lived together at one point or another. One day, a couple of us started making noise in a basement, and it just kinda grew from there.

LEO: How will the band eventually break up?
MM: Under the crushing pressures of international superstardom.

LEO: What does Natives offer the local music scene that it is lacking?
MM: Something higher than low-fi but lower than high art.

LEO: What does “success” mean to this band? Playing for fun or becoming huge stars?
MM: Success for us is being able to do what we love until we are sick of it. The hope is that people keep responding to what we’re doing.

LEO: What does everyone do for day jobs?
MM: It’s an eclectic bunch. There’s a tattoo artist, a cook, a server, a glass artist and a professional services consultant. They’re all pretty flexible, so that helps out with all this rock ’n’ roll business.

LEO: What do your parents think about the music?
MM: “I can tell that it’s good, but I can’t really say that I like it.” —Denny Moore

LEO: What else do you wish I had asked?
MM: How much money do we owe you for this interview?

Natives’ Loose Secrets record release show is 10 p.m. Saturday at Zanzabar. Go to ntvs.bandcamp.com/ for more.

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