A Rock n Roll Reunion

Soul, Inc.

Soul Inc.’s new album has been a long time in the making — 42 years, to be exact. Fixtures of the ‘60s Louisville rock scene, the members have been making music for the better half of the last century. They are giants in the Derby City’s rich musical history; all told, they’ve been in more than a dozen bands, and drummer Marvin Maxwell is best known as the founder of beloved store and studio Mom’s Music. Together again for the first time in four decades, this is A Rock ‘n’ Roll Reunion like no other. The album is a joyful throwback to the good old days, complete with rousing horns, thumping bass and jamming guitar, all topped with the growling vocals of Cosmo Condon and Sherry Edwards, both new additions to the reincarnated group. It’s old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll at its best. Jubilant, playful — this is clearly a labor of love, full of the unadulterated joy of friends, old and new, reunited and rocking out like it’s 1965.