Come Back Son


We’re told that it’s not polite to discuss religion in mixed company, but when a band in question’s liner notes state, “Jubalson exists because Jesus created music,” it’s silly to avoid the bearded, flowing robes-wearing inspiration in the room. We’re here to discuss the ideas and merits of music, so let’s not be afraid, and let’s not assume. While the music business is filled with derelicts, it is also filled with some decent, well-groomed people, and Jubalson surely seems like a trio you could bring home to Mom. Come Back Son, their first full-length, is a gorgeous collection of folky campfire tunes that rarely, if ever, explicitly mention the Man Upstairs. Similar to the early works of local peer Jamie Barnes, Jubalson puts the music first (where everything short of food and shelter should be). Songs like “Babe in the Cradle” and “Such a Cost” benefit from richly textured vocal harmonies that should appeal to fans of groups like Band of Horses, even if said fan is a heathen.