Away we go

LEO staffers hit the open road to scout out nearby travel destinations

Every year, about this time, I get antsy. The weather in Louisville has turned from pleasantly warm to hot, humid and thick. There are no more long weekends until Labor Day, and that’s damn near two months away.

If I lived in a land where rest-and-relaxation was more valued, I’d be preparing for a month-long holiday someplace with sand and waves and sangria. Instead, I’m landlocked in a country where the notion of traveling to a destination without Wi-Fi or cell service is enough to spark a panic attack.

Alas, what’s an overstressed city-dweller to do for an escape?

There’s always the option of booking a flight to some American tourist trap, but that’s pricey and requires planning. Our advice: Spare yourself the expense (and an unwanted fondling courtesy of TSA) — gas up the tank and take a road trip instead.

It turns out LEO’s editorial staff needed a break from the grind (it’s not all fun and games here, despite our lax dress code and affinity for cursing). And so these intrepid journalists embarked on their own road trips, visiting not-too-distant destinations and chronicling their adventures. We hope the following tales of Christian putt-putt, liters of German bier, vagina-inspired artwork and Chicken Poop lip balm inspire you to hit the road in search of summer fun.