You Can Walk Across It on the Grass

Deer Meet

A practice room somewhere, late Saturday afternoon. Three guys with guitar, bass and drums triangulate toward the center of the room. You and your girlfriend, the bass player’s sister, sit on a dirty couch in the corner and drink beer. She always talks about how awesome his band is, but you came because the beer’s cold and you like music. Then the first note sounds, and you envision being with your girlfriend longer than you thought, just to be around her brother’s band. Deer Meet aptly combines what’s best in garage-indie pop: clean, tight songwriting; catchy choruses that worm into your head after one listen; and a slightly frantic immediacy that makes the songs precious yet powerful, organic but controlled. Jimmy Angelina’s skilled songwriting and Matthew Sweet-ish vocals anchor a set so tightly constructed, you’re halfway through your second listen before you realize you’re on your second listen, so you let it ride …