Expanding Anyway

Morning Teleportation

Morning Teleportation is a quintet of Portland-based maniacs suffering from a brilliant case of musical ADD. They’re signed to Glacial Pace, the label founded by Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock, who co-produced Expanding Anyway, MT’s excellent debut album. It’s easy to see what attracted Brock — frontman Tiger Merritt’s quivery vocal yelp and demented, eclectic six-string attack suggests Modest Mouse on a life-altering acid binge. These guys are out to blow your mind (and eardrums) from the word go — “Boom Puma” sets the template with backwoods screams, gnarly riffage and a hilarious, deafening talkbox guitar solo from Merritt that would make Peter Frampton cream his jeans. But what makes the band so compelling is its willingness to experiment; “Wholehearted Drifting Sense of Inertia” morphs from punk thrust to marshy disco stomp to synth-driven psychedelics, all in a cool nine minutes. Subtlety’s overrated.