The Magic Place

Julianna Barwick

“The Magic Place was a tree on our farm,” says Louisiana-raised Brooklynite Julianna Barwick. “It was in the back pasture. It was one tree that grew up, down and around. You had to crawl in, and once you were inside, it was like there were different rooms, and you could actually lie in the branches.” Nature envelops every note of this album. The opening track glides hypnotically along, conjuring a magical place for an hour of easy listening. Nine tracks flow onward, evoking the comfort you’d expect from a trip to a spa, or a day spent wrapped up in a warm blanket while listening to a CD of dolphins singing over Amazonian drumming. Barwick’s dulcet tones and peaceful music will send you to sleep. In a good way. This is the perfect de-stress album for the worked-up and overwrought.