Super Coliseum

B-Sides: Music & Other Ephemera

As part of the fourth annual Record Store Day on April 16, Coliseum and Superchunk will release a split 7-inch of Misfits covers, with Superchunk taking on “Horror Business” and Coliseum contributing a version of “Bullet.” Two members of Superchunk — Mac MacCaughan and Laura Ballance — founded Merge, the influential Chapel Hill record label that has released albums from Arcade Fire, Neutral Milk Hotel and Mountain Goats. Coliseum singer/guitarist Ryan Patterson helms Auxiliary Records, which released Coliseum’s early albums. Record Store Day has built its reputation on one-off specialty releases like this — there will be others, so visit, then visit a record store. Coliseum performs Friday, Feb. 18 at Mag Bar (1398 S. Second St., 637-9052) with Sweet Cobra and Prideswallower. Doors open at 9 p.m., and cover is $6. 


Musical tendons between Pittsburgh and Louisville are healthy and strong. Lohio returns tonight to the Rudyard Kipling (422 W. Oak St., 636-1311), toting their brand of sparkling orchestral pop folk. Donora opens. The group just completed work on a new video for “Adelai,” a song from its new album, Family Tree. The all-ages show is $5.

History of Truth

Spoken-word artist Christopher Owens, aka Truth B. Told, appears in KFC’s annual Pride 360° Black History Month ad campaign this month. The ads, which feature Told performing his original poem “Destiny,” will air nationally on Black Entertainment Television.