Profanation (Preparation for a Coming Darkness)


Evidence that somebody, at some point, was listening to generic, thin-toned grunge rock and thought: “This music would be perfect, if only it had some abrupt, airy, metal guitar solos and vocals delivered by a Decepticon.” In addition to this insanity, Praxis delivers a cut combining frat-rock with angry Jamaican rapping, aimlessly improvised instrumentals, a scratch-laden mash-up approximation of an industrial club mix — echoing, shredding and shouting paired with trudging electronica and almost every other ingredient from alt-rock’s playbook of the last few decades. Thrown together, these sundry elements manage to make Profanation sound cohesive, but there’s an unfortunate sense that each song is a stand-alone ’90s compilation album sold on late-night infomercials, or worse, condensed “Saturday Night Live” mockeries.