Lady Lazarus

As a self-described minimalist musician with an experimentalist bent, Lady Lazarus’ latest offering is perhaps understandably melancholic and confusing. But unless you’re looking for an hour’s worth of music to slit your wrists to, give it a miss. Life is too short to get a headache from listening to this somber dirge when there’s a new year of hope ahead. “Nazarite Oath” attempts distorted atmospherics, but it doesn’t work — I struggled to find anything meaningful in the fog of dissonance. The next song, “The Eye in the Eye of the Storm,” isn’t much better. The simple, repetitive piano reminded me of childhood music lessons — playing notes under duress and without much skill. There are glimmers of expressiveness in the singer’s haunted voice, but the dreary, lackluster piano playing overrides it. By the time I got to the 12th track, “Pearl,” I felt like the whole album and its out-of-tune horror were jokes at my expense.