Cape Dory


Is it possible for a band to be too cute? Enter Tennis, the husband-and-wife duo of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, college sweethearts who fell in love, got married, took a seven-month sailing trip, wrote some songs based on their experiences, and recorded an album — the trim, sun-streaked Cape Dory — named after their boat manufacturer. While a feel-good backstory certainly shouldn’t hurt their chances, Tennis have created a brilliant slice of summery classicist pop that renders a press release moot, excelling on merits of melody and songcraft. A lot of critics have pigeonholed Tennis into the same new wave of indie-pop torch-carriers as Beach House, a fellow male/female duo that favors reverb and sky-sized hooks. But where that band crafts slow-burning, futuristic anthems propelled into space, Tennis function as the flipside to that melodic coin, keeping their succinct, bouncy tunes grounded on Earth and in the here and now.