Thomas Medicine

Barely any of the 12 tracks on the aptly titled Schizophrenifesto make much sense alongside one another; a few songs feature the choppy, mathy rhythms of early-’00s post-hardcore, but that’s the only semblance of a common thread. Throughout, the band apes Lucky Pineapple’s exotica-prog, crafts delicate ballads like sublime highlight “You & I,” and tops the stumbling, tuneless “Sour Bones” with incongruously soulful, Maroon 5-like vocals. In this context, the ghastly faux-’80s production of “Taste the Dog” doesn’t feel so out of place, and the song actually ends up as a highlight, partly due to its welcome levity. “The Wake” and “So You” repay careful listening, as they conceal some surprising compositional subtleties. Though its incoherence can be numbing, Schizophrenifesto, to its credit, is less a muddled mess than a willfully eclectic one.