Literary LEO 2011


k.d. For A Day


Shaunna Saunders awoke one morning to find she had been transformed into k.d. lang. It was kind of like Quantum Leap, but she was in her own bed. She didn’t realize the transformation right away. Her mind was the same — just the body was different. She kicked off the comforter, hopped up, sprang to the bathroom, and clicked on the light. Looked into the mirror. Froze. She was k.d. lang. And that meant she was in possession of The Voice.

Shaunna Saunders called in sick. She danced into the shower and sang Blue Bayou at the top of her now powerful lungs. (The other people in her apartment building were at work, so she could be as loud as she wanted.) She was ready, but for what? What does a girl do when she’s been transformed into k.d. lang?

Shaunna Saunders hit the karaoke bars. It was a little early in the day, but how many chances did a girl get to sing using The Voice? The third karaoke bar she found was holding a contest. Cash prize of $500. Even if the lame Karaoke DJ didn’t have Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray on his machine, she could sing anything and win. The DJ tried to submarine her with a Smashing Pumpkins song. Shaunna Saunders possessed The Voice. Shaunna Saunders was soon $500 richer.

Shaunna Saunders took a girl home with her that night. First time for everything. Of course it was The Voice that had attracted the girl. The siren call of The Voice singing Sweet Dreams. Shaunna Saunders wondered if the girl would be there in the morning.

Shaunna Saunders awoke the next morning. Alone. But was The Voice still there? Only one way to find out. Trail of Broken Hearts….Looking Back at You.