As I Call You Down

Fistful Of Mercy

When you’re young, you want more. You can’t describe what “more” is, but you know you want it and chase it at any cost. Then you grow older, and the cold shower of pragmatism douses you in restraint. You start to look for the easiest routes to achieve “more.” Maybe you resort to default destinations in your daily routine: your favorite bar, diner or, in this case, chord change. Fistful Of Mercy, a trio of longtime musicians more content than they should be in decorating their comfort zones with postcards from the past, is unconcerned with pushing boundaries. As I Call You Down is a competent collection, and it fits the players’ talents. It sounds good. But people who are intimately acquainted with roots regimens already know what Ben Harper’s doing, and will expect more from Dhani Harrison. As I Call You Down is a rote exercise. And that’s a problem.