The Sunshine Factory

DigiTech Whammy, Boss EH-2 and Boss PQ-4 guitar pedals giveth, and the herd follows. The Sunshine Factory’s full-length was originally an EP, according to its Bandcamp page, until fans clamored for a full record. “Down” and “Twisted and Clover” hump My Bloody Valentine’s leg to a dangerous degree. Only when SF switches on the clean channel (“My Bon Ami”) do you hear the bones underneath behind the curtain of distortion. Ian Taylor’s youthful falsetto and breathy exasperation takes a wrong turn into emo-land (“My Sugar Cane”), but some late-album instrument keyboards and orchestral touches steer them back on a more original course (“Sugar Sister”). Sugar is not without flashes of originality, but Sunshine Factory should work harder to free itself from the lazy sofa of pastiche.