First Four EPs


The collection on OFF!’s First Four EPs, all the way down to the stark and provocative packaging, could be considered a monument to late ’70s/early ’80s West Coast punk rock. The thing is, the dudes in OFF! and the artist behind the images helped invent the stuff. The band is comprised of Circle Jerks founder and original Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris, Burning Brides frontman Dmitri Coats, Red Kross’ Steve McDonald and Mario Rubalcaba from Hot Snakes and Rocket from the Crypt. The artwork is by Raymond Pettibon, whose work you’d recognize from your favorite SST album covers. Each EP in the collection contains four songs, with the 16 tracks totaling about 18 minutes, and every last millisecond is spilling with the kind of energy that made classic West Coast punk worthy of a monument in the first place.