Some Day Soon

Cock rock, as we know it (or knew it) in the 1980s, is dead. It yields nothing redeeming, intelligent or even remotely new. Jani Lane is not getting any younger. The thousands of bottles of Jack Daniels and pounds of coke snorted off the bellies of strippers everywhere have taken their toll. An era is drowning in parody. But wait! Some Day Soon are fans of modern rock, using all the strategies that genre used to appeal to its fanbase in, say, 1986! Those solos! “I wonder what happened to the life we lived in,” Hippyhead sings on “Down And Low.” Here’s what happened: modernity. Life went on. That matching-headband and spandex-wearing genie can’t climb back in the bottle. Besides, with all that Aqua Net in his hair, the lid won’t close.