Absolute Dissent

Killing Joke

Killing Joke’s latest is the first album in 27 years to feature the original line-up of singer Jeremy “Jaz” Coleman, guitarist Kevin “Geordie” Walker, bassist Martin “Youth” Glover and drummer “Big Paul” Ferguson. The four reunited at the funeral of former bassist Paul Raven (Ministry, Prong), who died from an apparent heart attack in October 2007. Maybe it’s memories, and maybe it’s loss; but whatever led Killing Joke back into the studio, the group has immortalized their grief in one unified, brass-knuckled swing. Industrial without being sterile (“European Super State”), the group hasn’t softened its literary approach, peppering apocalyptic hoof-beat rhythms and Viking choruses with broad-stroke commentaries on imperialism (“The Great Cull”). Credit Ministry’s Al Jourgensen for authoring America’s chapter on industrial, but it’s the lads from Notting Hill who gave him the outline (“This World Hell”).