Benoit Pioulard

Lots to chew on here. An extended exercise of sweet strums, hushed vocals and fieldwork, Lasted builds on the already expansive palette from Thomas Meluch, whose brand of fun is solitary without sounding self-absorbed. “Gloss,” the train-track din of “Weird Door” and medical-room hiss of “Passenger” are sketches in earlier ambient offerings that closely relate to both Brian Eno’s earlier work and the more contemporary fare of Eluvium. But the Ann Arbor-turned-Portland soloist doesn’t damn pop structure completely; he intermingles it. Globs and shards of atmospherics bubble to the surface of pleasant, acoustic finger-picking of “Sault” and “Tie,” “Shouting Distance” stands on tent poles built by Elliott Smith and Simon & Garfunkel, and the title track’s a blood-pumper in 6-8 time, with ricocheting percussion that descends into a meditative, organ-driven finale.