Shobaleader One

Imagine if you and your friends were sittin’ around one night listening to your jams, and decided on a lark to say, “Hey let’s start a band.” A couple of bong hits later, one of you boots up Twitter, fires off a hazy request, and dude agrees. That’s kinda what happened here. Shobaleader One is the new band that Squarepusher mastermind Tom Jenkinson created after relentless prodding from a few metal devotees. The record is a futuristic flash bulb documenting the creation of the group, and what experimental instrumental jams lie herein bear few rough edges — save “Megazine,” a motorik head-bobber similar to Trans Am’s excellent Future World. Late in the set, Shobaleader changes the party into a scene from quasi-’70s porn. “Abstract Lover” and “Endless Night” switch the groove to a loop baby conceived by a chance sex picnic between D’Angelo and Daft Punk.