Wilderness Heart

Black Mountain

Black Mountain is as consistent as turkey and mashed potatoes, and hearing their albums resembles eating Thanksgiving dinner: a ritual you engage in once every winter when you gorge yourself on thick, sludgy goodness. Consistency is a coin, with the tails side showing a paint-by-number exercise — riff, spooky harmony, bulging chorus, repeat. The band probably knew that, which is why the best moments on Wilderness Heart are gentle. “Buried by the Blues” starts as a sonic downer but ends warmly as a reminder of the benefits of searching, and finally finding, inner peace. A similar theme resides in “The Space of Your Mind”: Let’s make up our own scene, and reign over our heaven; it’s a wondrous thing when the heart has nothing to hide. A cynic derides this as a platitude, but that’s just what a cynic says.