The Inevitable Past Is the Future Forgotten

Three Mile Pilot

In “Battle,” the forerunners to critical heroes Pinback and Black Heart Procession foment a contextual debate: This is why I trust you/This is why we wait for you/This our battle, what have we won? Do San Diego’s adept pilots trust their audience to welcome them? Do their hand-covered faces signal apprehension? The answer is yes and no. Twelve years in the making, The Inevitable Past … is a lovefest of the group’s past hallmarks: detail-driven, danceable songs about escape, the inescapable trajectory of age, time lost and perspective gained. This could very well have been a record of bitterness, as the band reportedly cracked under the pressure of the Geffen program; instead, The Inevitable Past … is an album of survivalist anthems from true pop pioneers who have weathered and outlasted the churn of careerism through the power of art.