José Gonzalez has said in the past that talking about a Junip album was like talking about “castles in the air.” Formed long ago in current hype machine terms (around 1998), Gonzalez, keyboardist Tobias Winterkorn and drummer Elias Araya seemed proficient only at getting sidetracked: Winterkorn with art studies in Scandinavia, Gonzalez with his platinum-selling solo album Veneer. In that sense, Fields bears the hallmarks of satisfied friends who’ve regrouped to do justice to an idea. Araya’s steady hand leaves ample space for Gonzalez’ poetics on accomplishment (“Rope & Summit”), separation (“Without You”) and focused living (“Don’t Let It Pass”) turned three-dimensional by Winterkorn’s well-timed keys. The whole piece makes Gonzalez’s solo work feel rudimentary and a touch hollow, so here’s hoping the collaboration keeps going. Good ideas seldom come along.