Castle Talk

Screaming Females

Born out of the basement scene of New Brunswick, N.J., Screaming Females’ sound hasn’t stayed there. Rather, the trio’s material has morphed into the exact opposite: glossy but unsanitized of punk’s grit. Singer Martha Paternoster might wear a dress, but delicate in word or riff she is not. Three minutes into “Laura & Marty,” sister is laying waste to the fretboard and kneecapping the ending before you have time to process. Bold articulations? She’s got those, too, on “Boss”: When you pray your hands go raw/You change skins and call your baby/When you kneel you sink and rupture reason/I could be the boss of you any day. Short and furious, like an all-ages show, Paternoster is content to make her point and leave, as if she’s trying to sneak out of the house and back before her parents find out.