The Budos Band

I’ve seen you here before. Nope, I know I’ve seen you. What’s your name again? That’s right, I forgot. Sorry, the brain’s foggy. You weren’t wearing those jeans last time, though. Those have to be new. Do you have a moment? You do? Then sit down and relax. Let’s get acquainted. What do you do? I know what you mean. A day job is so stressful. We all dance daily on hot coals. I know, you don’t like to talk much. Me neither. But, I have to say, though: You are funky. I like your walk. So confident, like you were born in those shoes. Isn’t it nice out? No moon, no clouds that I can see. Talk to me. I’m not going anywhere. Stay long enough so we can read each other’s minds. We’ve got the rest of tonight to figure it out.