Swedish ingénue Kim Hiorthoy loves her some loops almost to a fault on this album, an outgrowth of a series of solo recordings. She preserves a non-confrontational, around-the-campfire aspect to Disko. “Som en laderlapp” and “Lat det va” have that room recording vibe, with classy spare noises, pillow-soft keyboards, cello pluck and drum machine punctuation. When she’s good, she’s exquisite: “Det Gor Ingentling” combines a revolving piano-and-synth figure, pogo backbeat and Hiorthoy’s plaintive storytelling to tug at your heart and your hips the way all your favorite Suzanne Vega songs used to do. Her one drawback is her vocals ring hollow (“Allt Man Vill”), as if she depleted her imagination creating this nice living room for you. The most important part of a visit is not only the scenery, but also the conversation.