Animal Shapes


Michael Deni didn’t have much reason to party when, in 2005, he left his native New Jersey for San Francisco: A series of deaths in the family prompted a change of scenery. This is critical to understanding the throb that opens “Original Sin,” the lead-off track to Geographer’s new sixer. It’s an example, in note-form, of Deni’s need for serenity as well as a good time. “Kites” is playful party rock you might hear in a room full of sensitive, free-thinking folks discussing the state of the human condition, or why their relationships take the tumultuous turns they do. You can hear a touch of Zach Condon’s vocals on “Kites” and ’80s new wave acumen on “Paris.” Featuring St. Vincent’s former cellist, Deni is in good company, and the maps toward an album look adventurous. More soon, please.