Treasure State

Matmos & So Percussion

Experimental duo Matmos and Yale School of Music alums So Percussion team up for an album that shows, if nothing else, that new sonics lurk in your junk drawer. That greasy bike chain? An instrument in disguise. Bowl of water? Might as well be a steel drum. But there are actual steel drums, just like there is actual skill peppered throughout this maze of manipulations. Matmos’ Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt flex their off-the-cuff prowess and playful restrictions in tandem with So Percussion’s sturdy rhythmic intelligence. Both camps adorn this record with myriad bells and whistles that sound like neither bells nor whistles. The revolving clinks and clatters in “Swamp” are humid and earthy, and “Cross” is how Grandmaster Flash would set outer space transmissions to a beat. Odds are the live show kills.