B-Sides: Ol’ Greg

Greg Laswell, Cary Brothers and Harper Blynn ease the early week Tuesday, July 20, at Zanzabar (2100 S. Preston St., 635-ZBAR, $12, 7 p.m.). For a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show, e-mail [email protected]. The winner will be drawn and contacted on July 19 by 4 p.m. From the following answers, we glean much from Laswell’s character.

LEO: I know you have a dog. Do you have any other pets?
Greg Laswell: I don’t have any other pets. Thanks for asking. I believe in only having one pet at a time. That, of course, is not true. I want to get another dog when I have the time.

LEO: Any current obsessions?
GL: Yes. Getting another dog.

LEO: Three favorite lottery numbers?
GL: One, for how many pets I have; three, for my mom, my dad and my sister; and seven, for the age I was when I started gambling.

LEO: Favorite Dennis Hopper movie?
GL: “Hoosiers.”

LEO: Did your dog ever … you know … on the gear?
GL: No, and neither did I, if that is what you are getting at. I don’t know who it was.

LEO: Name one inconvenient thing about the convenience store near your studio?
GL: They didn’t have dog food.

LEO: Strangest vocal warm-up you’ve ever heard or done.
GL: Jimmy Gnecco (of Ours) has a pretty involved vocal warm-up. It sounds like he is watching sports and his favorite team is winning.

LEO: Glockenspiel: One hand or two?
GL: I’ll never tell.

LEO: 4/4 or 7/8?
GL: 7/8. I’m a sucker for odd time signatures. At least one turns up on each of my records.


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