The Twistable Turnable Man

Various Artists

Shel Silverstein started his road to fame with Playboy magazine, and his career ended with just play. Browsing through a few of his bios, it’s evident that Shel’s talent was unique, eccentric and, in a way, accidental. Flashbacks of my mom enacting being eaten by a boa constrictor flood my brain as my foot taps involuntarily to every song. The Twistable Turnable Man is a self-explanatory compilation of artists (My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird and Dr. Dog) putting their own “oomph” in Shel’s work. So, maybe I’m biased. If you’re a Shel Silverstein fan, the album will undoubtedly play on your nostalgia. Think Johnny Cash meets Willie Nelson meets small-town twang. Would Shel have it any other way?