I Will Be

Dum Dum Girls

At first blush, I Will Be seems like a day lily of an album: blooming, colorful, brief and prone to wilting. After an hour with it, the subtleties start to emerge from the unfocused sea of fuzzy guitars and dreamy vocals. Lead vocalist/songwriter Dee Dee Dum Dum (a.k.a Kristin Gundred) has a knack for crafting short, smart earworms reminiscent of the golden era of girl groups without veering into cutesy. There’s hardly a dud on the record, but the Feel Good Hit of the Summer has got to be the lead single, “Jail La La.” An updated take on “I Fought the Law,” it shows off all the best aspects of this promising new band: cute, but not too; smart, but still fun; thoughtful, but weightless.