Before Lately

Cheyenne Mize

Of course, you’ll want to adore Cheyenne Marie’s new album Before Lately, ’cause she’s a Louisville lass and we support our own, but is she any good? Disappointingly, like a bottle of Bud Light, it probably won’t invoke any strong feelings whatsoever. It’s a little flat, watered-down and lacking the wheat-y depth of a more traditional brew. She’s Norah Jones without the pleasant narcotic effect. She’s K.T. Tunstall without the thrilling one-woman, hangover-inducing percussion show. Despite this, it’s still not a bad thing to have in your hand on a warm spring day. She does have a subtle fizz, a cool fluidity (“Waiting” will swim around your skull for days, whether you want it to or not), and a few nice turns of phrase that will make you excited to hear what she does next. She has a pleasant voice and something to say. She just needs to make it stronger.