What Is Lovecore?


The opening track, “My Penis in Sleep Mode,” kicks off like a glitch remix of a herd of elephants barreling down a plastic tube. For some reason, this is incredibly satisfying and engaging (really, I don’t know why), and sets the mood for this scattered IDM collage of twisted samples, beats and all-out confusing textures. This is headphone music for sure, the kind that seems to lap at your ears when you get the volume just right, rewarding you with each listen because it is so absolutely dense. It has to reveal itself in stages; you just can’t hear it all at once. Albinotron fills the gap between Autechre and Mouse on Mars and does something incredibly special, especially for a small time local: He makes IDM fun, and outdoes almost everyone in the genre in both originality and accessibility, like the mind-blowing “Knowing the Nose of No.” This is the real deal.