Derby 2010

Another Kentucky Derby has passed, leaving in its wake a trail of weary revelers, forced to return to their humdrum lives.

Gone are the fireworks, fighter jets, steamboats and hot-air balloons. Gone is the Chow Wagon, with its offering of fried fare, people watching and live music. Gone are the nightly, mint julep-soaked festivities leading up to the Run for the Roses.

Lucky for you, dear readers, LEO Weekly was out in full force to chronicle Derby 2010, giving you the chance to relive the most exciting two minutes in sports and the most exciting two weeks in parties in the following pages.

This year, our trusty scribes were busy picking the wrong horse once again, attending and getting the boot from fancy soirees, imbibing heavily and nursing hangovers, and making a first and likely final journey to the Infield — all this, in the name of journalism (and in some cases, a good buzz).