Will Kimbrough

Kimbrough, in his new album, the title of which fittingly reminds me of the nauseating post-Beatles McCartney, has managed an Olympic feat. Not only does his writing, to be conservative, leave a lot to be desired, his production and melodies are as predicable as a politician who forgets promises made. The lyrics, at best, remind one of top 40 hits by John Cougar and Tom Petty, never threatening or cerebral in any sense of the words, and usually with a reassuring hook, something about love triumphing over anything be it class, race or physicality. Anyone who likes to be placated should be by this album, because there are numerous clichés and comforting phrases that might make you feel better about how nasty, brutish and short life can be. For those who want something challenging or even honest, revisit Springsteen and The Clash. And if you insist upon folky, sensitive, singer/songwriter stuff, there’s always Crooked Fingers. Will Kimbrough performs on WFPK’s Live Lunch on Friday, April 16. Show is noon, free. See for further details.