Trance Inducer


Trance Inducer is an aptly appropriate title from local experimental outfit IamIs. Jason Cox and Shawna Dellecave mastermind a gripping collection that seems to slide all over the place while moving in a cohesive direction. There is a feeling of natural, unrefined talent here, like something echoed in early albums by The White Stripes. Shawna’s voice is stellar and intense on “Rat Race,” where she sings, To pick my ass up and fight and say ‘fuck you,’ you can’t make me. There are fine points of stripped-down opulence that contrast beautifully with the lo-fi approach Cox uses at other times throughout the album. The bombastic riff on “Pretty Noises, Pretty Voices” is a nice juxtaposition to the soft intro of “With Great Courage,” and the offbeat weirdness of “Dear Daniel, Number 4: The Afflicted Person,” an homage to Daniel Johnston, is a shining moment among 14 other shining moments.